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Excursions and activities

Passo della Presolana Monte Pora

Monte Pora and Passo della Presolana are two of the most famous ski station of Val Seriana. The particular conformation of the mountains, with the absence of trees is one of the characteristics that allow the expert and who should still learn. As a matter of fact Presolana is considered as a training of the zone, adapted for children and people who has to learn. In the part of Mount Pora, on the Mount Scanapà side, there are challenging slopes. At Passo della Presolana you can find the first centre of the zone for the teaching of skiing for people with disabilities. Furthermore at Mount Pora there is also a snowpark, called “Pora Park”, which is ice rink and there is the possibility to rent snowmobiles.

Here in Presolana, you can't only ski, but you can have a walk in amazing natural paths, especially during the summer.

Castione della Presolana

Surrounded by Presolana, by the mountains of Valle di Scalve and by the mountains from Valle Camonica, Castione della Presolana is one of the most important touristic centre of the area.
At the centre of the town, you will find amazing architectural masterpieces from the Xvth century. But pay attention: the historical heritage is not the only surprise you will find here!

As a matter of fact, Castione is famous also for the food and wine tradition: the local dishes find their sources from the ancient tradition of the mountains, where you will discover an amazing mix between taste and lightness. Once here you can taste some local dishes, as Fojade, Polenta cusa, Casonsei, Formai de mut, Pancetta, Lardo, some typical cold cuts, cheese and mushrooms. Some activities you cannot loose are the chess tourney and the folcloristic feasts, Christmas markets and Santusa feast.

Excursions by foot

After arrived at Passo della Presolana and keeping on for about 150 mt you will arrive at a large forecourt which will be the point of departure for an emotional excursion! Taking the path you will find all the indications to reach Colle Vareno, Castel Orsetto and Salto degli Sposi. Behind this particular name there is a story worthy to know: according the tradition, a Polish musician, in love with this wonderful landscape, decided to live here with his wife, a famous painter. This particular point, from which it is possible to admire all the mountains until Val Camonica, was source of inspiration for the masterpieces of both. During a stormy night the two lovers decided to commit suicide, jumping in it to celebrate their love. Consequently from the ancient past untill today, according the tradition two lovers can throw away some flowers from the up of the mountain to have good luck.

Just before Passo della Presolana, you can reach Baita Cornetto, from which it is possible to enjoy a wonderful panorama on the whole Val Seriana. In addition, you can have a good meal during the feasts and you can ride the path by bike.

Baita Cassinelli is in the basin of Valle Campello on the south side of Presolana. Here too, you can have a meal. Once been in Baita Cassinelli, through wonderful paths, you can get to the famous Grotta dei Pagani, which was an ancient refuge during the fight won by the Romans. Inside this particular cave you have the possibility to admire amazing forms in ice, that were the ancient soldiers, according to the legend.

Rifugio Magnolini; a good walk both during the winter and the summer, which you can reach just following the indications to Mount Pora. After a good meal in the refuge it is possible to go to Mount Alto from whose peak you can enjoy a wonderful panorama on the north side of Iseo lake. At the peak you will find an altar with all the pieces of information concerning the mountains in the nearby.


For who loves animals, during the summer, it is possible to have horsing lessons or to experience excursions by horse.


In Bratto, for who loves extreme sports, it is possible to train climbing in the artificial climbing gym “Parco della Montagna”.

Another place where you can experience a fantastic a climbing is Falesie della Valle dei Mulini, whose name derived from the several mills.

Cliff Adventure Park: as you can deduce from the name, it is an adventure park in the rockets, where you will find different levels of path, conceived for adults and children. For the most brave there is also the possibility to try the Cliff Jump. This fantastic park is in Onore at 15 minutes from Presolana.


The extreme for everybody! A new activity for which it is not necessary to have particular phisical skills, just the willing to have fun. Discover with us a new world, created by the water: just have a walk, swim, dive in a wonderful landscape, created by the water

Mountainbike and Cycle tracks

For who loves cycle tracks in mountains, it is possible having a tour around Presolana, passing from M. Pora, Passo Presolana, Sentiero dei Carbonari and Via del Latte.
Admiring the panorama, you will not feel the tiredness.

For children

For families that are not addicted to sports, in Donico, there are some funny activities. In this area it is possible to experience the summer bob, trampoline and to have archery.