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Winter Opening : 4th December 2020

4-Star Hotel in Castione della Presolana, in the Orobic Pre-Alps of Bergamo

  • Grand Hotel Presolana

    Presolana: the most important mountain between Bergamo and Milan

    The Grand Hotel Presolana with its 104 rooms and suites, is located nearby the pine forest in the backdrop of the Orobie Alps, with many different scenarios from Monte Pora to Monte Presolana silhouetted against the blue horizon between the white snow and green pine forest, which appear to the eyes like unique paintings, miniatures of an unspoiled vastness of an authentic quite.

  • Experience

    Art & Culture

    Itineraries and ancient city centers among art, monuments and sanctuaries.
  • Rooms & Suites

    We would like to show you one of our 104 rooms and suites, with a fantastic view on our fabulous mountains in an unique landscapes created by the nature.

    In each room you will find the modern comforts. Free Wi-Fi.

  • Our cuisine

    A simple and sophisticated gastronomy, but with the addition of a promise to satisfy every your desire.

    The menu varies each day for those who want to discover new flavors and savor the traditional dishes, you must know that every ingredient used in the preparation is purchased in the same Seriana Valley.

  • Chef

    Sensible and generous in his gastronomic expressions, lover of the products goodness of the land of origin, Andrea Manca has dedicated himself with passion for almost twenty years to the cuisine of the Mythos restaurants.
  • Disco Bar

    Located inside the Bistrò L'incontro, it offers a modern and young atmosphere with its pizza menù.