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Team Building & Activities

You cannot just tell the team experience. You should live it! This is team building.

Adventure Park in the Pine Forest! www.parcoavventurainpineta.it
Only in summer - 6 paths to follow, each with a different color and degree of difficulty, made up of a series of games for different levels of fitness, both physical (Tibetan bridges, footbridges, nets, swinging trunks), and psychological (pulleys and leaps into the air while hanging on to a liana).

Rally on ice!  www.pistaghiacciovalbondione.it
Hire of 4WD vehicles, hire of a circuit for the use of one's own car. Circuit for car tests, tyre tests, and TV filming. It is also possible to hire the circuit for corporate events.

Snow mobile  www.emozioneestrema.it
Expert guides will take you for 1 - 1½ - 2 hours of over marked tracks, by day or by night with the opportunity to have a typical lunch or dinner in a mountain hut.

Alpine skiing, snow shoes and freeride Over unbeaten, untouched slopes with seal skins on the base of your skis, or wearing snow-shoes, cleaving the virgin snow. This is pure freedom and beauty, discovering brand new places far from the crowds!

Archery and summer Bob carting Two very different disciplines, but both ensuring great fun for all on the Presolana Pass. Summer is the best season to compete on the Bobsled circuit. And the practice field will challenge your skill with bow and arrow!

Scott Academy  Marco and his team will guide you on mountain bikes to make the finest discoveries on a special wine and food trail. And not only on a bike, but also running and many other activities.

We are at your disposal for any information you might require prenotazioni@grandhotelpresolana.it