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Rally & engine, a passion throughout Bergamo


Come and have a faboulos experience with Ice rally in  Valbondione! Possibility to rent a car or to do road racing; Go-Karts with special tyres  for a unique experience, track available for testing on tyres and their cars, television and corporate events, team building, or a weekend break with friends and colleagues.

- Availability for rental car with four-wheel drive.

- Ability to track rental for laps with your own car.

- Track available for testing cars, tyres, television footages.

- Possibility to reserve the track for corporate events.

- Track available for testing cars, tyres, television events

- Possibility to book the track for events, companies and communities or for performances with sports cars and / or car racing

- Safe driving-level or advanced couses: for your safety and your performance.

- You can also experience the thrill of the navigator alongside experienced pilots


Take unbeaten tracks:  Quad & Snowmobile excursions

With seal skins under the skis, snowshoes or by cutting the fresh snow and with a snowmobile or a Quad.

Herein lies the beauty: the discovery of hidden places, far away from mass tourism. The Presolana, the Monte Grem, the Campelli for alpine-skiing, Branchino Pass, Mount Farno for snowshoeing are some of the best routes that the two valleys can offer. The ski resorts have reserved paths, also available by night, for all fans of these sports, with mountain dews also open in the evening.

- Possibility of day-excursions

- Possibility of night-excursions

The Snow-x: a the snow!


Created by the Italian passion for motorcycles and skiing, is an alternative way for skiing or snowboarding down the slopes in a motorcycle style guide. How to drive: the conduct of the Snow-X occurs by loading the external platform, similar to what happens in the guidance of skiing and motocross, bending and stretching out the same functions of alpine skiing, with the help of the handlebar replacing the rackets support. It is also possible for beginners to lift the inside foot to approach the curve at low speed. Try it ...!

-Possibility of excursions for one, two or more days – both by day and by night.


The Canyoning: pure adrenaline


Gives great emotions to those who want to get involved and discover a new world, hidden to common people. It is a new way to do sports and enjoy the mountains, which encompasses various disciplines. In a single day you will join hiking, caving, climbing, aquatics: an explosive mix of adventure for everyone! You can dive into the slots of Mother Earth, where the water - over the millennium - has carved and polished deep gorges. You will discover a wonderful and unexpected nature.

With the accompaniment of our mountain guides, and thanks to the routes, everyone can get excited by canyoning.

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